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This is United's MAIL Page.  The place where we post a few of the recent E-mail questions (and then answers) that we get from, actually, all over the world.  We do, of course, change the names or places to protect the innocent.  We do not correct any spelling or grammatical errors, these E-mails are exactly how they come in.

The best place to send your general questions is from our Email Page.  I will personally answer each E-mail, usually within 24 hours or so, unless I'm out of town.  I'll also post certain selected E-mails, when I get a chance, right here on this page.

The inspector found termites in the yard, but not the house?

Allen and Kathy are considering the purchase of a pre-treated, four year old house, but the termite inspector(s) found termite problems....

Termite infestations in structural railroad ties

Roger quotes one of my previous posts, but says his railroad ties are structural and are getting attacked by termites.

Tom's new house is only HALF-treated....

The builder ordered pre-treatment for Tom's new house, but for some reason, his front (dirt-filled) porch didn't get treated.  Tom has a reason to be upset, but there's an easy fix.

A typical adventure in T&O Land

Jim discovers termites and invites Terminex and Orkin to submit bids for his termite job.  He does have a couple of questions, however....

A rat was discovered in the tool shed

Chris was cleaning out the tool shed and came upon evidence of rats that had been living in there.  He wonders about the droppings....

Strange sounds coming from the attic, at night

Rick hears a "scratching sound" coming from his attic and wonders what it could be....

She asks, "Can termites swarm in February?"

Denise thinks she found swarmers inside, near an open door and fears they're termites.  Especially since her contract expired last year....

Should he "upgrade" with a new termite job?

Bill is 78 years old, retired, and he says he just doesn't need this extra expense.  Does he really need to do this?

His exterminator won't treat under contract

Gram discovered termites in his basement, but the exterminator is telling him he can't treat because it's not "active...."

Don, with carpenter ants, is making a list, checking it twice....

Don has had several exterminators and several estimates, each one seems to have a different approach and (of course) a different cost.

Termite Problems in a three year old house?

Dick has a three year old house that he tells me has a problem with termites.  What to do?

Steve's Do-It-Yourself Termite Control

Steve has a very detailed plan on exactly how he wants to treat his house for termites.  And he wants to do this himself.

What about physical termite shields, Mel asks....

Mel, from an Arizona Engineering firm, asks us (imagine that!) what we think of termite shields.  Is this a test?  We give him what for.

Warren has a question about using Sand for Termites

The exterminator says he has found termites and presented a proposal  for using sand to prevent the termites....

Jackie only called the exterminator for American roaches......

But when the exterminator gets there, he claims she has rats in her attic. Now Jackie smells another kind of rat....

Bruce's neighbor next door has termites and he's wondering....

....if they're just going to march right next door and attack his house.

Melissa asks about "tons of spiders" in her guest house

Melissa just moved into her guest house, which hasn't been used in awhile and has a population of spiders.  What to do?

Termites all over the outside of his two-year old house

Dave writes in to ask about swarming termites all over a wall of his termite pre-treated house, coming from the sod around the outside.

Beth arrives home to termites, then an argument with her husband

Coming home after a weekend away, Beth finds that she has termites and her husband has picked an exterminator off the Internet.  Beth wants to use me, her own exterminator.  Guess who won.

Tiny Flies and a Foul Smell

Ginny, and everyone she has contacted, has been stumped on these small little flies.  Sounds like sewer flies.

A Lady Bug Infestation?

Eileen is concerned about her "slight" ladybug infestation.  She's wondering what harm they do and do they eat wood?

Maybe Stored Product Pests?

LWO noticed a "maggot-type thing" on her kitchen counter, then noticed they were all over the place!

Termite problems in a new house?

Marsha writes in to tell me about a visit an exterminator had with her, at her house, and the recommendations he made.  She even got clearance from the Better Business Bureau.

Roaches coming from the house next door

Ken writes in, worried, and asking if roaches can travel from the house next door (a house that has had roach problems before)

Termites and more Termites

Geetha suspects hidden termite problems in her prospective new house.  Later she writes in to ask about concrete slabs and termite problems.

Some Texas-sized roaches

Julia lives in northeast Texas, in a rural area and has a big problem with roaches....   Problem solved!

Termites are crawling up the window

Mike and Erin have what they think are termites, crawling all over the outside of their house.  They even sent me a picture....

I Have Termites in my Yard!

Tsoza is worried about the termites found in the yard, under a rock and close to the house....

Tenting a House for Termites

Richard asks about any "alternatives" to tenting his house for a termite problem.

Mice in a New York City Brownstone

Tony has discovered mice in his NY city brownstone and wonders if his landlord has done enough to solve the problem.

Roaches in a new apartment

Courtney found roaches in her new apartment and asks us what to do.

He found a (dead) bat in his toilet!

When Vince got home from vacation he found this dead bat in his toilet.  Then he called someone, who came out and bat-proofed his property.  Now he has another bat.....

He gets flying ants every year!

Every year the flying ants come, out of everywhere, he's mad, and he's going to do something about it!  He just doesn't know what to do.

He wants to know the best termiticide

He has been researching the different termiticides and wants an opinion on which he should specify

Cheryl asks if her dog can get fleas at the kennel?

Is the Pope Catholic?  Cheryl picked up her dog at the kennel and now he has fleas.  The kennel claims this is impossible.  What should she do?

Greg and Lori have a couple of questions....

Their neighbors have termites and they want to know what to do.  A neighbor also wants to cut down trees because of carpenter ants.

A dead rat....

Jared has a dead rat that's beginning to smell and he wants to know what to do......

American cockroaches

Kathryn is having a problem with American cockroaches which her exterminator says he can't handle....

A problem with earwigs...

CJ has a problem with earwigs.  Wants a non-toxic solution to getting rid of them.  Here's a trick from Jamaica....

Too many chipmunks

The McMullens are inundated with chipmunks and are looking for a way out

Small flying ants on his windowsill

Tom wants a cure for his small flying ants.  This is an easy one.

How to handle mud dauber wasps

Meg is having a problem with mud dauber wasps in her brand new house and wants to know how to handle them.

carpenter ants and carpenter bees

Dr. Craig has carpenter ants nesting in his foam board insulation, which, by the way, is an attractive place for carpenter ants.  They love it!

Stored Product Pests - Moths

Bill is looking for a cure for his moth problem.  He did everything he could think of, but now they're baaaaack.....

Divebombing Carpenter bees

Ann found our site looking for help with her carpenter bees.  She says she likes our site.  Flattery will get you everywhere, Ann!

Grasshoppers and Black Widow Spiders

Bonnie has a place that is infested with these!

Carpenter Ants - In her tree!

Glynn is worried about the many carpenter ants in her beautiful old oak trees

Leapin' Lizards!  They're all over the place!!

Janet writes in with a lizard problem.  Seems like they're all over...

The pleasures of living out on the prairie - "It's Miller time"

Mr. Davison has a little house on the prairie, that is infested with "miller moths"...

Creepy, crawly bugs?

Gene writes in about his creepy, crawly bugs - which sound like centipedes

Rats on the INSIDE

Bruce writes in about his rat problem, smelly dead rats on the inside of his home.

A Serious Termite Problem

Deborah is concerned about her 'serious' termite problem, they are swarming all over the place and she has a couple of questions about her estimates

A Squirrel in his Chimney!

He says he caught one, but now he says they're smarter....

A Woodpecker is Pecking a Chimney.....

A woodpecker is bothering these people by pecking on their chimney.  What to do?

Spraying a Dog Kennel

Joey's dog is going nuts and he wants to know if he can spray his kennel

Birds in his Chimney

Marc asks how he can rid his chimney of the birds that wake him up in the morning

A Man with a Mouse Problem

Henry writes in about his mouse problem and found our mouse page looking for answers.  A very lucky man.

A House Infested with Sow Bugs

Priscilla tells us about her new house which is infested with those little sow bugs.

Lots of Black Birds in a Blue Spruce Tree

Arthella asks how she can get rid of the black birds in her spruce tree so they won't soil her front porch

An escaped boa constrictor in his apartment

This man writes about losing his pet boa in his apartment.  He is moving from his apartment and the landlady wants $3000 for exterminating the snake....

Video machines with roaches (Space Invaders?)

Some 50 or so video machines are strongly suspected of having roaches and this man wants to bring the machines home without the roaches.

More roaches even AFTER she bombs!

Tami complains that she sees even MORE roaches after she bombs.  Why is that?

Questions about a home made product that kills roaches

This gentleman asks about selling or marketing a non-toxic product, handed down from his grandfather, that kills roaches.

A foreign student poses a question to us about pyrethrum

Laura, from Argentina, asks us if we can supply her with some information about pyrethrum.  Pyrethrum in some detail.

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