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Tons of Spiders

Spiders galore!

I just moved into a guest house that has not been lived in for a while and there are tons of spiders. I kill at least 5 spiders a day and they are everywhere.  It wasn't really bothering me until this morning I woke up and there was one in my bed and then in my closet there was one that had already started a cocoon/web on one of my sweaters.  All of the spiders look different.  Is there anything I can do?


Melissa M.

And I wrote back with....

Hi, Melissa:

Well, unoccupied (for a long time) is just about the only time that I would want to treat a house for spiders.  If no one's there (no furniture, no nothing) I can do a bang-up job of getting rid of spiders.  Of course, it "stinks" for awhile, but after a few days the odor's mostly gone and so are all the spiders.

Spiders, however, are one of the things that can start back immediately.  And this is why the treatment has to be so thorough and stinky.  Once you are actually in there, I can't do the kind of treatment I want to, so it boils down to what you can do.

If you're already in, you have several alternatives:

You can hire an exterminator for regular service (for awhile) to your home, and that will help mostly.  Pick a local guy, small preferably, and one that has a physical location close to you.  Make sure you can discontinue service easily and are not tied into a yearly contract if you don't want it.  Have it done for several months, at least until the winter (if you have one where you are) and then discontinue service and see what happens.  If you have no "winter" where you are, you might be well served by having an exterminator anyway!

You can take the non-toxic route, and religiously (every few days) take a broom or a dustmop to every available wall, ceiling and floor area.  You should, slowly, over several weeks, reduce the population to an acceptable amount.  Time consuming, but it's actually the best way, really.  It's what I advise, first, to anyone that asks me or my men.

Or, you can take the toxic route, so to speak, and purchase a sprayer and the chemical, mix and spray yourself.  Be aware, however, the treatment for spiders is a very broad treatment, (to be successful) which does tend to stink up a house for a couple of days.  The "smell" isn't toxic in itself, it is the carrier, a solvent which is used to dilute or dissolve the actual insecticide.  

Usually, as I mentioned, I steer people towards the "non-toxic" solutions.  If you do want to try spraying yourself, get back to me and I'll give you all the details.  You have to have no fear of chemicals or insecticides to do this!


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