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Squirrels in his Chimney

Squirrels and chimneys are like love and marriage....

They are in the exterior wall of my chimney. I have tried using a trap and I caught one. The others have wised up and will not take the walk inside the trap. What do I do to get them OUT!  I live in VA Beach, VA.


And I wrote back ....

Hello Roy:

Squirrels aren't that smart.  Leave the trap out again, all baited up with peanut butter, but wire the doors open so they won't shut.  After they get used to taking the bait without the doors shutting, you can again trap them.

DON'T LET THEM GO!  Take the trap, with the squirrel in it, to the local creek or pond, dunk the whole trap (with the squirrel inside) for a couple of minutes after he stops moving.  Dump the squirrel out in the trash.  When transporting the squirrel in the trap, use a couple of stretch cords to make sure the doors stay shut and he can't get out.

Part of the reason they might not be going into the trap might be that they are nesting in your chimney area.  Baby squirrels will stay inside, close to the mother, for awhile.  Leave the trap out, let them get used to it while leaving some "chum" around - the same thing you'll be baiting with.  If you have a mother with babies, wait a few weeks until you see them all outside, bouncing around with the mother.  Leave the trap out there all the time, so they'll be used to it.

When you catch them all, stuff some paper in their hole to see if there are any more squirrels using it.  If the paper stays there for a couple of days, patch the hole permanently.  Do a good job so more squirrels don't come back!

Let me know how it goes and if you have any more questions.  Happy hunting!


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