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A Philly's Phan....

Hey guys, I gotta tell you how much I enjoy your pest control site.  I am sitting here in Philly being dive-bombed by carpenter bees.  I decided to check the web (via my favorite multi-search engine Dogpile.com) and read 6 articles on carpenter bees and pest control.  Yours stood out as the most understandable, most reassuring, least "commercial", and generally an elegant site.  Congratulations and thank you.   I'm a computer professional so I know a good setup when I see one.  Now I'll try your suggestions and hope that I can have a dive-bomb-free Memorial Day weekend and start working toward the eventual elimination of CB nest over the next couple of years.  

Loved the pix of your guy in the Phillies cap too!

Ann B.
Lower School Tech Coordinator
Germantown Friends School
Philadelphia, PA

And my reply....

Why thank you, Ann, for your kind compliments!  Our web site is a labor of love, and a professional comment such as yours is indeed a compliment!  Visit anytime you want, ask us any question, we will be happy to respond.

And I will relay to Bob (with the Phillies hat) how you enjoyed his photos at work.  Bob is a dyed-in-the-wool fan, attends every game he can!  Baseball, football, you name it.  He's also a good termite man and a great guy!

Again, thanks for your kudos, let us know if we can ever help you with anything!


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