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He wants to know what chemical should he use


I was wondering if you could provide me with an opinion on which chemical offers the best protection and most longevity for sub. Termites?  In this area, I have been offered premise 75, dursban tc, dragnet and sentricon bait.  I am leaning toward the premise and baiting the yard myself with spectricide terminate.  Would greatly appreciate any advice you have to offer.

Thank you,
Louisville ky

And I wrote back with....

Well, my money would be on any of the insecticides that you mentioned.  My advice would be to skip the baiting procedures, they are expensive, slow and unproven.  In fact, Terminate, the product you mentioned, has previously been under a FTC cease and desist order for false advertising.

Any of the other products you mentioned are just about as efficient as each other. We generally use Premise, mostly because it has no odor, no onerous requirements for protective clothing, and is generally less toxic (for mammals) than most of the other chemicals.

Far more important, I would think, would be the proper choice of exterminators.  You can have any exterminator, but if he doesn't use the chemical correctly, your termite problem will continue.   So I would say to forget about the type of chemical used and concentrate on getting the best "user."

And, if you haven't already, you might want to visit my termite page, even though it talks about "New Jersey" termites, it would also apply to you too.


Hope this helps.  Get back to me if you have more questions!


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