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mud dauber wasps

Meg writes in.....

My new house has a dirt dauber nest (or so I have been told - it is a medium-brown clay-looking tunnel about 10 or 12 inches long) running up the side of one of the windows.  What should I use to get rid of this nest?  Does it sound like a dirt dauber nest to you? I live in the piedmont area of NC in a low-lying area near a creek if that helps identify it.  


And my reply....

Hi, Meg:

Mud daubers.  Or, I guess, dirt daubers.  Don't worry about them.  Just scrape it down anytime you see them.  Best to crush it with a block of wood or something like that.

Actually, they are GOOD insects.  They kill other bugs, so if they build nests that aren't in your way don't worry about them.


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