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I found a (dead) bat in my toilet!

Vince has a few bat problems - also exterminator problems

First I must say this is a very good site very informative

Here is my problem. Last year we went on vacation. Upon are return home we found a dead bat in the upstairs toilet.

So considering all things I contacted an exterminator mainly because I did not know what else to do. The exterminator came and said that yes indeed I did have bats. I asked him (not the owner) how he could tell he said he could smell them. Later he also indicated he saw droppings. I was obvious to me that with a dead bat in the house that I did indeed have bats entering my house.

I agreed on having him bat proof my house . He proceeded to block along the rake of the house with 1/4" mesh screen. He did both sides and also the attached garage. He left a tunnel for them to get out but not in using the same material 1/4" mesh screen. He also caulked along the outside chimney.

That was last August. In January we had a bat inside our house. It was baffeling to me how a bat could get into our house after the installation of the blocking. I removed the bat . The exterminator came back inspected all of his work and said everything was intact.

I had to remove the bat with the aid of our local police because when I called the exterminator the dispatcher stated he had no one to come to my house at that time. Therefore, they came the following morning.

I have since blocked the fold down stairs from my attic.

I recently was outside about dusk and it appeared that a bat came out from my house at the rake that was blocked. I once again called the exterminator . He came again and inspected and found nothing out of place. I noticed droppings on the top of the house air-conditioner where I saw the bat fly. I recently saw some more droppings on the out side of my house. There is no doubt that bats are in my area because I see them flying every night. What I would like to know is the following:

Is there a way I can tell if bats are present in my house without
having to stand outside and watch every night. Maybe some type of tell tale trail. If I see droppings and remove the droppings would I see them again the next night?

Are there other ways bats can get in my house other than the rake along the roof line? How can I check these areas effectively.

I realize that once they find a home they continue to try and get back in. I would like to make certain that they LIVE outside my house.


Vincent S

And I wrote back with....

Hello, Vince:

I had to laugh when he said he could "smell them."  For him to smell them there would have to be hundreds of them.  And did he SHOW you the bat droppings?

I would be hesitant to tell a homeowner that I could exclude bats by "bat-proofing" in the manner you describe.  Unless you know where they're getting in (in which case it's easy for YOU to do) it is virtually impossible go around a house with quarter-inch mesh and find the exact spot where they got in.  Obviously, the exterminator didn't, as another bat showed up.  Did you ask what good is his mesh if you're getting bats inside?   This exterminator is not doing you any favors.

Usually, people only get bats inside every once in a while.  When it happens on a regular basis, detective work is involved and usually you can do it.  You need some strong lights and you need to spend some time outside, in the early evening, when the bats are about.

I know of no way to determine if bats are inside or not.  And there are probably as many bats, outside, at night, as there are birds in the daytime.  This would be true in most of the USA, actually.

So, my advice, if the exterminator won't make good on his "bat proofing" effort, is to handle the thing yourself.  Go out in the evening with your light and see what gives.  If, or when, they get inside you can do that too - I'm surprised the police came out.  Around here they'd laugh at you, tell you to call an exterminator.

When they get inside, just get a pair of gloves on, wait til they land on something, then grab them, toss them outside.  If you haven't read my bat page, do so!


And then, if you have any more questions, get back to me.


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