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He Wants to Know about tenting his house....

Richard wants to know what's better.....

I would appreciate your recommendations regarding "tenting" my house for treatment of termite infestation as opposed to non-tenting treatment such as micro wave, "freezing", etc. Tenting would be difficult for us as we would have to live elsewhere for up to 48 hours, plus boarding our pets, etc. My question is, are there valid, and professionally accepted procedures other then tenting that do as good a job as tenting?

Thank you.

Richard J.

And I wrote back with....

Hello, RJ:

Tenting.  This is done primarily in the south, for drywood termites.  Is this the problem you have?  If not, what is the target insect?  And where do you live? (city, state)

Get back with those answers and I'll go over everything with you.


Richard J replies....

IThanks for your quick response to my inquiry regarding the best method for controlling drywood termites. We live in Orange County in Southern California. My questions was in regard to alternate methods of termite control. That is, is tenting the entire structure and fumigating with sulfuryl fluoride, or whatever, the only proven and practical way to get rid of termites?

I've heard a lot of claims about microwave methods, thermal pest eradication, electro-gun and the blizzard system. Do these really work or are the claims for these methods mainly hype?

Thanks again, Richard J

To which I replied.....

Hi, Rich:

My opinion is that a fumigant does a better job.  

The heat method is difficult to control because everything must be brought up to temperature.  That's difficult to do with some items with a lot of mass.  Same comments for the freezing method - and in your area it would be even more difficult to do.  I am really not familiar with the microwave method, but microwaves have trouble because every item is a different mass.

I lean towards fumigation because your chances of killing all the termites is generally better.  I think it would be cheaper too.

Hope this helps.


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