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Termites and an Argument

A man after my own heart, a procrastinator extra ordinaire

Hello, John:

Just wanted to tell you this funny story.  I was away for the weekend when termites invaded my house.  Naturally, my husband, home alone for the weekend, did absolutely NOTHING.  Nothing, that is, until it started again Sunday morning near the TV set in the living room.  

Well, that was it.  He jumped on the internet, probably first to the Playboy channel, but eventually settled on an exterminator to do the job.  He told me as soon as I got home late Sunday night.  Naturally, we had a fight.  I wanted YOU, my own exterminator to the job, not some jerk he got off the internet.  He said that he was convinced that he had the absolute best exterminator, and that this was the man he was going to call.

Well, when he told me who it was, it was YOU!  I could hardly believe it!  Finally, after 25 years of marriage, my husband is in agreement with me.  It's so funny, he's been paying your monthly bill for some 15 years now and he didn't even know he picked you!

John, you (or your men) have never met my husband, he's always gone whenever the exterminator is here.  He's not as bad as I say he is, after all, I'm still here.  He never showed any interest before, now he's asking me about you and your guys, what they do, and everything.

He was looking to see who did your website, he said it was fantastic and wants to find out who did it.

Anyway, I have already talked with Jackie at the office and scheduled a time for an inspection, I just wanted you to know about my funny story.

And I wrote back with....

Very good, Beth.  Did give me a good laugh.  I have to admit, I'm probably no better than Dave.  We've had the same man mow our lawn for almost that long and I've never seen or met him.  I do know the name of the company, however (I think).

Tell Dave that I'm the one that does the website.  What can I say, I have no life!


(Beth is losing track of time.  We've been going to her house for 20 years now.)

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