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Roaches in her new apartment

Non-paying tenants


I recently moved into a new apartment and found myself with some rather unwelcomed guests -- cockroaches.  The landlord hired an exterminator who visited each individual apartment and placed bait around the kitchens and bathrooms.  My questions for you are:  now that I have bait lying around my apartment, what do I do next?  How can I tell if the bait has successfully killed the cockroaches?  How long will this take?  

Also, I have pets living with me in my apartment.  Are they in any danger -- from cockroaches or bait or otherwise?  Finally, I wish to caulk up some obvious cracks in my kitchen and bathroom as soon as possible.  When would be an appropriate time to do this?  The exterminator has left bait near these cracks and I do not want his bait to be ineffective.  If you could please get back to me asap I would greately appreciate it.  

Thank you very much for your time.


And I wrote back with....

Hi, Courtney:

What do you do next?  Nothing.  Wait for results.  The exterminator should have told you that it might take a couple of weeks to start taking effect.  But after that it works very good.  There are no special precautions for the bait or the roaches, and DON'T caulk up those cracks!  Wait for permission from the exterminator - if you have any direct questions for him, ask the landlord for his number and give him a call and get him to go over it with you.

Bait is what you want to do - NO SPRAYING!  And if you see roaches in the next couple of weeks, don't spray anything!  Let the bait work - it will.  Don't use Raid or any bombs, just let it work - you'll see!

Get back to me if you have more questions!


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