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Julia's roach problem

Julia needed help.....

I have read your page on pest control in relationship to roaches and basically have tried EVERYTHING except the exterminator.  In the past, we've been able to set out the "Combat" houses and never had a problem.  But over this past spring and now deep into summer, we've got them in the house and nothing seems to work!!  We are in NE Texas ...  could you recommend an exterminator in this area... and what is the usual fee to have your home exterminated?

Thank you,


And I wrote back with....

Hello, Julia:

You can solve your roach problem, usually, by yourself.  The "combat" stuff is only for certain roaches.  Do you know what kind you have?  If not, are they big or little and what color are they?  And how long have you had the roach problem.  Lastly, do you live in a single-family home or is your house (or apt) connected to others?

Get back to me with those answers and we'll see if we can get you fixed up!


Now Julia wrote back....

Thanx for your reply...
As for the roaches, I'm not sure what kind they are.  I have looked at the pictures and not able to say the identity of them!  They are big and little... not any in between sizes!  We've just had this problem for about 4 months now..  They are dark brown in color.  And we live in a single family home in a rural area.

Thanks for any and all help.

Julia M.

And I wrote back with....

Hello again, Julia:

Well, I think what you need is some roach bait.  Forget the combat stuff, you want the stuff that comes in a plastic syringe.  You can find them at our OnLine store:

                    UnExCo's General Store

You can probably get this stuff locally, if you can't, we can sell it.  It comes in boxes of three, although we will split a box.  Box of three is $37.10 and one syringe is $15.75.  If you can get it locally it might be cheaper.  It works pretty good.  We had an apartment house with 4 apartments LOADED with roaches, the bait knocked them out in a couple of months.  

Unless you have a BIG house or a LOT of roaches, you'll probably only need one syringe.


So Julia writes back....


Thanx!!!   I will try this-- don't know of any place to purchase it here!  Will send you the $ if you will send me an address where to send it!  Are there easy directions?


and then my reply to Julia....

Hi Julia:

Be happy to send you some.  Send me your postal address to send to.  And how many do you want?  Actually, one should be enough, but let me know.  Just send me your address, I'll send it to you.  I'll put an invoice in there with it, just send me a check.  

It's easy to use.  Make sure you clean out your cabinets - use a vacuum cleaner to get all the crumbs and everything out before you put out the bait.  You don't want the roaches to find any other food except your bait placements.

Squeeze out small pearl-sized dollups of bait up under the shelves of your cabinets.  A half-dozen "pearls" in each cabinet are about right.  It takes about two weeks to work.  But it works.  Keep checking your "pearls" and put out more when those are eaten up.

That's about it - it's real easy.  Just send me your postal address - also include your phone number as this will be your account number for us.


So we sent a syringe to Julia.  After 3 months, I wrote back to her to see "how she was doing," and this was her reply:


Wonderfully!!  Thanks so much for the product.....  the roaches are GONE!!!  Have not had any problem since I put the bait out!  It was just clean up time!  Thanks so much... really do appreciate your help!


(Another satisfied customer!  She solved her problem for 15 bucks!)

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