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A Slight Infestation of those Pesky Ladybugs

What's a "slight" infestation?

If you have a slight "infestation" of lady bugs in your house, is that really bad?  I heard there supposed to be "good pests", but maybe only in the garden.  They don't bother me... I've always liked ladybugs... but I have a lot of wood trim in my house and they seem to hang around it... Are they eating the

Some seem to have a powdery substance on their backs.

Are they in the same family as Powder Post Beetles?

Eileen F.

And I wrote back with....

Hello Eileen:

Well, a lot of anything can be "bad" if they get in your way.  If you mean can they hurt anything or infest anything, the answer is no.

This happens a lot, actually.  Outside insects are cyclical, so some years are "worse" than others.  And it can be "bad" in your neighborhood, but not 3 blocks away.

Actually, you shouldn't worry about them at all.  Don't use chemicals to dispense with the problem, use a vacuum.  It's a lot less toxic!

They are no relation to powder post beetles and they do not eat wood - or anything else you might have in your home.  Worry no more!

Hope this helps.  Get back to me if you have more questions!


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