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Her dog has fleas

Cheryl has a good beef here.....

I recently went on vacation and left my dog at a boarding and grooming place.  My dog never had fleas or ticks.  When I picked him up, he had tiny grey ticks on him.  I complained to the owner of the place and he said that ticks cannot live indoors, and that my dog had to have the ticks on him when he was dropped off.  My question is, can pets get ticks at boarding and grooming places?  I say yes, but I would like an expert answer to this question.  
Thank you,

And I wrote back with....

Hi Cheryl:

Yes, absolutely.  They can get ticks from a kennel and yes, ticks can live indoors.  And, in fact, the small ticks mean that the kennel DOES have a problem.

Inform the kennel that you expect him to pay for getting rid of ticks on your dog - maybe he can do it, maybe you want someone else to do it, seeing as how he has already lied to you about it.

Don't forget to report your problems, and his lies, to the Better Business Bureau.  ALWAYS check with them about companies you deal with.  You should also check with another kennel to see if there is some professional organization you could report him to also.  Maybe also the health department too.  Find out who inspects the kennels in that area and report to them what happened and what he said.  Do this regardless of whether he fixes the problem or not.

This kind of thing happens all the time (getting ticks or fleas in a kennel) and it is beyond me why they should lie to you like that.  It would be much easier for them to say, "Gee, Mrs Smith, I'm so sorry that happened, just bring him back and we'll fix it up."  Obviously, they don't think ahead, because if they did that, you'd come back the next time, right?

Let me know how you make out.


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