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Carpenter Ants

Just fuggedaboudit....

Please help me!  We have four beautiful old oak trees in our front yard and we have had huge limbs fall out with every spring storm so far this year--3 to be exact.  The last limb was covered in carpenter ants and area where it fell from was also infested.  I can look up into the trees and see ants moving.  What can I do to remove these ants from the trees?  There are flower beds that are mulched in the yard but no ants have been seen.

I have only seen ants in two trees but know they will be moving when these trees can no longer support them.  What should I spray or bait them with?

Thank you for any help you can provide.


And my reply....

Hello, Glynn:

If the ants are not bothering you inside the house, don't worry about them.  Carpenter ants live in every tree.  They won't hurt the tree.  Large nests of carpenter ants are only a sign that the tree is old - carpenter ants won't really hurt the tree, but the older and less viable a tree is, the more the carpenter ants come.  They are only a symptom, not a cause.  

Try not to use mulch around your house - use ROCKS!  Best ones to use are these:


Use mulch AWAY from the house!  (And don't panic!!)


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