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Ken asks about his roach killer....

I have a time proven method of exterminating cock roaches that has been handed down to me from my great grandfather. It really works and it has no poisons in it. I was wondering if you thought there would be a market for this product and what would be the best way to do so.



To which we replied...

Hello, Ken:

You ask a tough question!  Not necessarily tough to answer, but tough to explain.

I assume that your method is a "substance," rather than a device or trap.  If it is a device, you need a patent attorney, reached through a trusted referral from your own lawyer.

If it is a substance, it depends on exactly what this compound is and how you expect to market it.  If it is a chemical compound that you have to "mix up," and you expect to market it as a legitimate insecticide, then you have to go through a very rigorous testing sequence that might cost as much as millions of dollars - depending on what chemicals are in your product.  US laws require a special testing program and a label (for the product) that specifies exactly what is in the product, and shows the proper EPA Registration numbers.  Usually, this procedure is only done by large companies that can afford the testing process.  Even if your product is made up of common items that you can get anywhere, you still have to list the ingredients and go through most of the same testing programs.  

If, however, this substance is "natural" - such as a plant product or herb, or a mixture of those, you could perhaps market it in "Natural" and "Health Food" stores.  Then you might be able to escape most of these onerous USA insecticide registration laws we presently have, and your marketing effort would just depend on how much money you (or a benefactor) might have to spend marketing your product.  

Another alternative, of course, is for sale on the Internet.  If your product works, and you can keep the formula secret (for awhile) then, again, it depends on how much money you want to invest in manufacturing and marketing.  On the Web, you could make it as big or as small as you want.  Remember, however, that it won't be long before you have some copycats - and whether or not they are selling the same stuff as you, it won't matter.  And if you ARE successful selling it, expect LOTS of copycats - all of them selling it cheaper than you.

In 35 years as an exterminator, I have seen a lot of the home remedies for roaches.  To tell the truth, for the last 5 or 6 years, exterminators have been using roach baits, which are much more effective than the older spraying techniques.  The baits are 100% effective when used correctly.  Much more effective and less invasive than any of the home remedies I have heard about.  Some are poisonous, some are digusting, a few are ingenious, but none (that I have seen) are better than the new baits.

I don't want to discourage you, but it would depend on exactly what this method is.  Probably your best bet would be on the 'Net - it would be easy to set up the website and it would all depend on the product.  I think, however, I would advise you that you should keep your day job, while you start!

Hope I have given you something to chew on.  And if I haven't, feel free to send me another note, anytime.


Ken wrote back that he wasn't prepared to "go legal," so he said he would see about selling his product locally.

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