A problem with earwigs....

Hi and thanks very much for this forum. An international online gardeners club I belong to used your website to settle an ongoing debate about boxelders (since I had sacrificed a tree myself because of those bugs I already knew all about them. They weighed the branches of the tree down they were so heavy!). Anyway, I live in neighboring Gloucester City so it's odd to have found about you that way.

Anyway, can you tell me how to at LEAST CONTROL earwigs, they're in my gardens and one actually pinched me the other day..and it hurt!!!  They're really getting on my nerves but of course I'd rather not use chemicals as I'd like to keep the beneficial insects around - any input would be appreciated.


And my reply....

Hello, CJ:

Thanks for the compliment!  The earwigs are getting bad this year.  If you don't like chemicals, you can try this trick: (This is the way they do it in Jamaica where the earwigs are BIG!)

Lay pieces of cloth down on the ground at night.  In the morning, shake out the earwigs.  In Jamaica they shake them out into trays of kerosene, which kills them instantly. (don't use gasoline!)

Gloucester City, eh?  One of our technicians lives in Gloucester City!

Hope this helps!


P.S. We have a page on earwigs too.

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