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Bill is being "Upgraded...."

Listen to Bill's story....


25 years ago I purchased this home. It was pre-treated for termites. Every year since, I have had the annual renewal inspection at a cost starting at $35.00 to now $105.00.

I have now been informed I need to have an upgrade, as the "original treatment has most probably deteriorated". There is no sign of infestation, but it should be done as a precaution, I'm told.

From material I have read, that should not be done unless there is establish proof that termites have in fact invaded the residence.

I am a 78 year old retired service man, and can't afford to spend money foolishly, nor can I afford not to have the necessary steps taken to protect my home, if required.

Can you give me any information which will assist me in making a decision. The recommended update will cost me $612.00 for the treatment, and $105.00 for the annual renewal. However, they go up in price every year.

I was informed the price was so high because termidor sc cost $80.00 per gallon and the linear footage of my home is 204 feet.
Your assistance in this matter will be appreciated.

Thank You,


And I wrote back with....

Hi, Bill:

Methinks you have a greedy exterminator.....  Maybe you should ask him what you have been paying for all these years.  When my people go on renewal, the price stays the same - I have some on renewal that are still paying $20 per year.  The new people come on at about $90 or so, but I keep my older renewals at the same price.  And I don't hit them up for "boosters" when I need the money.   If they need more treatment, they get it - for no additional cost and with no increase in the cost of their renewal.

If there is no sign of termites and you haven't added an untreated addition to your home, I can't see any reason why you should have any treatment at all.  After all, they've gotten quite a chunk of change from you over the years, they are just plain greedy.  Is this a large company that sent a salesman out?  If so, this man just wants a commission on your new termite job.  And, no, they shouldn't be recommending treatment if there are no termites, no matter what they "expect" in the future.

My gut reaction would be to tell them to pound sand and threaten to report them to the state association and, maybe, to the Better Business Bureau.  A GOOD exterminator would take the fact that you are retired, with a fixed income, under consideration when recommending any work.  Doesn't sound like they've done that.  And remember to tell all your friends and relative about the bad treatment.

The price of Termidor is $80 per pint - and that will make almost 50 gallons of dilute mixture.   Whenever exterminators use the cost of chemicals as the direct result of their price, watch out - they're just trying to confuse you.

Where do you live?  (City, State)

Nice to hear from you.  Hope this helps.  Let me know how you make out and get back to me if you have more questions!


Bill wrote back....

Dear Mr. Fasoldt,

I can't begin to thank you for your prompt reply.  What you have done has reinforced my belief that someone was trying to take me to the cleaners.

Yes, Mr. Fasoldt this is a large company. When I complained, the local General Manager came to the house and made the offer I told you about. Today I called him for clarification. He told me they would use termidor, would trench around the house, which would prevent termites from gaining entry. The warranty covers only subterranean termites, yet the information I received from Aventis Environmental Science, states it is good for all termites. With that in mind I can't understand why the protection wouldn't cover all termites. I asked him if it was absolutely necessary and his reply was, yes, if it was his house he would have it done.

I live in Ormand Beach, Fl.

Again I thank you Mr. Fasoldt. It is indeed refreshing to know there are still some businessmen who can be relied upon to do what is expected. I wish you were in this town.

I'm not a big flag waver, but after spending 20 years in the service of this country I feel I deserve better.



My reply to Bill....

Bill, I just don't believe him.  I doubt seriously that he would do his own house without a sign of a termite.  In my own mind, I think that as unethical - pure and simple.  Frankly, I think he should be ashamed of himself - trying to con somebody, on a fixed income, into paying for this procedure.  What the hell have you been paying for all these years?  My opinion, if it needs it, it should be done FOR FREE! He's just a salesman and wants your money and his commission.

Termidor would only have an effect on subterranean termites, done the way they propose.  It would have no effect on drywood termites.


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