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Stored Product Pests - Moths all over

The moths will be easier than any squirrel....

I really liked the UnExCo web page about squirrels.  It will definitely be helpful as we assess our squirrel situation.  I wish you had a page like it about moths.

I live in a 2 family house with an attic and a basement.  Over the winter my unit (the downstairs one) had a problem with moths.  We found all the infested food and threw it out.  The moths were all but gone.

Now they are back.  My upstairs neighbor has moths too now.

We have been filling up those pheremone pantry traps pretty well.  I'm concerned about using any kind of poison.  (The upstairs neighbor has a dog.)

What can you tell me about finding where the moths might be hiding out?  These are food moths, not clothes moths, as near as I can tell.   (Perhaps, in my ignorance there is no difference.)

Can you point me at information?

Thanks in advance,

-Bill C.

And my reply....

Hi, Bill:

There is a difference.  You need to use NO CHEMICALS.  You need only to get rid of the offending food product(s).  Sounds like (somewhere) you have more!  You must go through all your food, both open and unopened - they come from the factory with the insect eggs inside!  

See if you can boil it down to a certain cabinet or area.  Then systematically go through everything - stand under a strong light, shake some of the product out in your hand, look inside the box, set it aside or throw it away if it's infected.  Go through everything that's open first, then check things that are unopened.  Check the packaging on unopened things, sometimes you can see them through the packaging.  Check all processed foods - even herbs and spices - I've seen them even in things like red hot pepper.  You usually know when you find them.

Also, you might only just have a few left over from the first batch!  They will crawl away from the infected product(s) and hide, then pupate into an adult at a later time (depending on species, temperatures and environment).

When (or if) you find the offending goods, make sure you VACUUM out the cabinet(s) where you found the bugs.  You want to get all the ones that crawled away, so vacuum THOROUGHLY, even up under the bottom side of shelves.

We also have a page on stored product pests:


Let us know if you have any more questions.  And many thanks for your compliment!


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