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chipmunk hell

A problem with chipmunks.....

I'm being over taken by chipmunks, in my yard, now my attic, how can i eradicate these cute little creatures without my daughter crying too much.

Thanks for time in helping us in our time of chipmunk hell.

The McMullens

And my reply....

Well, it's not too hard.  Just don't tell your little girl what you're doing!  This is what you do:

First of all, quit feeding the birds or animals - if you're doing it.  After the birdseed is gone, and in the meantime, see if you can spot where the chipmunk holes are.  Pick up, at the hardware store, some OUTDOOR-type rodent bait.  They usually come in blocks that feel like wax.  (This is the outdoor type)  If you can't get the outdoor type, use regular mouse bait, put either type in their burrows and close the hole with your heel.  You probably only need to do this once.  The bait might take a couple of weeks to work, and it won't work very well if they have other food supplies (bird feeders, etc)

That's it!  If you do it right you can see results in a week or two (results being less chipmunks) - they usually will die right inside their burrows (fertilizer) so most of the time you don't have to do anything else.

Get back if you have any questions.


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