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Do-It-Yourself Termite Control

Steve has a couple of ideas on how to do it....

Hello.  I was hoping you could answer a question about termite prevention for me.  I've heard that one way the professionals prevent underground termites from reaching your home is to dig a trench all the way around your home and fill it with chemicals.  The dimensions are something like 6 inches wide and one foot deep.  I'm trying to come up with home remedies for termite treatment and not wanting to tear up my yard or spend money on professionals i was wondering if it would be a good idea to just skip the trench digging but instead just pour the chemicals directly on top of the ground completely around the house and let them soak into the ground on their on.  Provided i used a good amount i believe the chemicals would soak pretty far into the ground, perhaps about 6 inches on their own.  I would ofcourse use some kind of termiticide thats safe and non toxic enough to allow exposure to the air, something that's used on outside decks and what not.  Do you think this would be effective enough to at least decrease my chances of infestation?  Is this a bad idea for some reason?  Also i read that citrus oil and water mixed together make an ok homemade repellant for  termites.  Is this in any way true?  How effective is it?  Would it be good enough to help repel termites from an outside deck?  Could it perhaps be effective enough to use for the trench idea in the ground?  
Thanks if you can help
Steve Miller

And I wrote back with....

Well, Steve, if you don't have termites, why are you doing anything?  If you don't have termites, it isn't necessary to treat for them.

And if you DO get termites, it would be a lot better and safer to have a professional do it.  After all, if you got appendicitis would you want a doctor to operate on you or maybe me?

Just pouring chemical on the ground is not going to control termites.  Termites forage deep under ground and it just won't work.  If it did, we'd all do it.  Citrus oil and water?   Again, if it were that easy, all the exterminators would be using citrus oil and water and pouring it on the ground.  I know of no exterminators that use this method.

As long as you don't have termites (in the house) then there's no reason to perform a termite job.


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