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A woodpecker pecking

Watch out, they go for the throat....

We have a woodpecker/flicker on the top of our chimmney flue pecking his little heart out for a mate.  How in the world do we get rid of this little menace?

Thanks for any help you can give us.

Mr & Mrs D.
Portland, Oregon

So I replied.....

Hello, Mr D.

A very common problem.  You didn't mention if he was pecking on wood or metal.  If he's pecking on wood, there's a chance that he's after some kind of insect that is on or in the wood.  Birds will attack mud dauber wasps that make their mud homes against vertical surfaces.  If this is the case, try to ascertain what they are after and remove it.  

If he is pecking metal, then you could also try "discouragement" - that is, try scaring him away by placing something up by the chimney.  You needn't buy a plastic owl or anything, sometimes just an old teddy bear up there in the same general area may do it.  This assumes that your chimney is possible to get to!

You could also try to screen off the area using either bird netting or maybe hardware cloth.  Hardware cloth you can buy at any hardware store.  Bird netting (we use it for pigeon control) might also be available locally to you, if not we have it, and it is not expensive.  You can see what both look like right here:


Whatever you use, keep it if it seems successful - I have seen the same bird return in other years to the same place, for several years running!

This is preferable to shooting the little fellow, which, depending on what kind it is, may be illegal in your area.

Best of luck, hope this helps you out.  Let me know what's successful!


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