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Can I Treat My Dog Kennel?

Dogs, fleas and Dursban....

I have a question.  Is it safe to put dursban on top of the soil in my dog kennels.  Will it harm my dogs?  should I roto-till the spray under the soil to kill other insects, and can I spray inside the dog house?

Please respond soon, my dogs are itching for an answer.

Thank You.
                                   Sincerely,  Joey M.

To which I replied....

Hello, Joey!

You didn't say what you want to do this for...   Is it for fleas?  Make sure that it is indeed fleas that you are trying to kill.  Dogs (and other animals) have other skin conditions too.

But if you're battling fleas (or ticks) the answer is YES.  If you have the Dursban, mix it according to directions for fleas (without looking, I think the strongest mix is 2 ounces per gallon) and you can spray the ground of the kennels.  Roto-tilling is not necessary - you don't want or need to kill ALL bugs - your target is only the fleas (or ticks).  Just spray the ground until it looks 'damp' and then let it dry.  Same with the dog house.  Spray every part of it - heavy - until runoff.  And then make sure it's dry before you put the dog back in (20-30 minutes) it won't hurt your dog at all - he would have to drink the stuff - and it tastes terrible!

In the summer months, you could spray the ground once or twice a month with no problem, especially if it's in the sun (insecticides last a shorter time in sunlight.  The doghouse you could do at the same time, although subsequent spraying need not be as thorough.  Discontinue in the winter, of course, but if you had a problem the year before, hit it heavy in the spring.

Don't forget to treat the dog too!  Flea soap or dip is just fine.  Buy the cheapest, it's all the same stuff.  

Hope this helps!  I don't have a dog anymore, but when I did, he used to get fleas every year no matter WHAT was done!  


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