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A problem with cockroaches....

I have been working with an exterminator to get rid of the large American Cockroaches that I have been seeing lately.  He sprayed and put stuff outside my apt., I live on the first floor of a building in a bungalow style place (I share one wall with my neighbor.  Well when I called him again he said that if I have them in my walls there is nothing that he can do.  I have two questions.

1.  Do you know what he means by in my walls?  I just moved in to this apt. in March.

2.  I have a new kitten, can I use cockroach traps when I have a kitten in the apt.

Thank you so much for your help,


And my reply....

Hi, Kathryn:

First of all, your landlord should be paying for these service calls, I hope he is.  If not, make arrangements for that.  He is responsible for exterminating roaches in your apartment.

#1.  Roaches ALWAYS "get into the walls" - this is not an unusual occurrence, and there's always something you can do.  The preferred treatment is BAIT - in the form of "Baygone" (brand name) - it's a granular material, usually only available to exterminators.  It works pretty good.

#2.  It won't hurt your kitten, this is not something they would eat.  You would have to force-feed it to him.  It is usually not placed where he will have access.

Your exterminator is "making excuses" rather than doing his job.  Be sure to report him to your local Better Business Bureau and tell him you are doing that!

Your exterminator should have access to all the units in your building, which is why you want to go through the landlord.  You should have ONE exterminator responsible for ALL units in one contiguous building.

Hope this helps, get back with any questions.


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