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Denise thinks she might have termites....

Thank you for a wonderful, informational web page!

I live in Burlington County, in your local service territory..  This morning I left the patio slightly open for about an hour.  A little while later I noticed two "ant like" insects with very long wings (flat on the back of the insect) near the patio door.  The wings are twice as long as the insect.  I killed them and began to worry that they were termites.  Just now, I saw MANY wings on the other side of the room from the patio door.  I don't see any insects, just wings.  The wings are below a skylight.

All of that for this question.  I read in your web page that swarming insects come out in the fall.  Could they be swarming termites in February?  Any advice would be welcome.


Denise C.

And I wrote back with....

Hello, Denise:

Thank you for your nice compliment!  Sorry for the delay, I was out of town on the weekend.

And yes, termites can swarm this time of year.  In fact, there were 17 messages on our machine this morning, most of them swarming calls.

It is, of course possible, for the swarmers to have come inside.  It is also possible that they came from the inside too.  Make sure you save a few samples for the exterminator to examine.  And if you do have termites, they will probably swarm again on some nice day.  My girls tell me that no swarming calls came it today (Tuesday) however.

Spring is the time for termites.  But that can be anywhere from the winter equinox (Dec 21st) to the summer equinox (June 21st) but more usually it's March, April and May.

I don't know how long you've been in the house, but one of the calls (to exterminators) you should make, is to the guy that furnished your termite certification when you moved into the house - even if you have no contract.

Wait and watch for the next swarm.  Don't worry about the swarmers, they don't do anything.  Look to see where they may be COMING FROM - this may be very important to your exterminator.  And there's no big rush, either.  The termites will swarm, this year, no matter WHAT you do.  An exterminator's treatment is good for the NEXT year - it won't stop the swarming.  Nothing will stop this year's swarming, you'll just have to wait it out.  Doesn't matter anyway, as I said, they don't DO anything.

My advice would be to wait til you can discover where they're coming from, so you can show the exterminator.  And of course, since you're in our local area, we'd be glad to take a look and see what we can find.  Just give the office a call, talk to Jackie or Diane, tell them I told you to call and that you want an inspection.

And don't worry about it.  That's what exterminators are supposed to do.

Nice to hear from you.  Get back to me if you have more questions!


Denise wrote back....


Thanks for the informative response to my E-mail.  I'll take your advice to wait and watch.  I really have no idea where these intruders came from.

My home is 15 years old but it's already been treated about 10 years ago.  While I didn't have termites I did have the beginnings of carpenter ants.  I maintained a yearly contract until last year.  I ended the contract when the exterminator would not renew it without having my whole house treated again (at twice the original price) because I had had a room added.  I fear that disturbing the soil for the new addition last spring has caused this incident.

As soon as I can figure what is going on here, I'll call your company.  

Thanks again for the information.

Denise C.

I told her to contact her last exterminator first....

Denise, your exterminator, (or any good exterminator worth his salt) should give you the chance to renew your guarantee by just treating the addition (not the whole house) - at a reasonable cost.  Obviously he's more interested in lining his pocket rather than helping his 10 year customer.  Shame on him.  Make sure you warn your friends and relatives!


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