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What are these things.....

Good description, that could only be....

Dear UnExCo.
We keep finding these bugs in our house and wondered what they were and where they come from. These bugs are about 1 to 1 1/2 inches long. They have a flatish body with 20 legs on each side. They also have two antenna at least 1 inch long. They move very fast. They are light brown in color.

We also are always finding spiders in our house. We use the sweeper at least once a week and always find spiders usually in the same places.  Any ideas why the same places.

We have Anderson windows without screens.


And my reply....

Hello, Gene:

Sounds like centipedes.  They especially like dark, dank places - such as crawl spaces.  They are outside too, so it isn't something you generally bring home.

Gene, you'll probably need an exterminator for this one - it's one of the pests that take a little experience to handle.

Look for a small, local guy in your own calling area, make sure you have an unsmashed sample for the serviceman to look at when he arrives.  Also make sure he will provide service on an "on-call" basis, this isn't anything you'll need monthly service for.  Most of the time, "monthly service" contracts are only so he can make money on a monthly basis.  Which is okay for large, commercial accounts, but a little silly for a residence like yours or mine.

Pick a company that doesn't have "salesmen" - if they do, you'll have to pay for him too!  Unless you have a huge house or a special problem, a $50-60 service call should do it.  If you need multiple visits (possible) make a deal with the company for a cheaper price on subsequent visits.

Let me know how you do, and contact me if you have any more questions.  And if you want, mail me a sample of the bug for a more definite identification!


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