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Can a roach come from next door?

He's worried about roaches....

The house next to us had a bad roach problem when it was being renovated.  The owner thought that he got rid of them and now they are back.  We are only in our house two months and I have not seen any yet!!!  What kind of treatment can I use on my property.  I have small children so I need to be safe.  Please let me know what I can do to avoid having a problem.  


And I wrote back with....

Hello, Ken:

Well, unless you're in some kind of special situation, roaches don't generally travel from house-to-house, unless the houses are attached.  If you are attached to the affected unit, you may want to do something about it - in concert with the man with the original roach problem.  Get back to me if this is the case.

If your houses are separated by the "outside" there is little reason to worry about this kind of problem.  Roaches don't generally bridge the "outside" gap very well, unless you live in a tropical area.  They are usually content to stay inside of a structure.  Sometimes, because of botched treatments, roaches will leave a building en masse, and appear to spread out from the house.  In truth, most of these will die having been contacted with insecticides.  The "inside" roaches have predators on the "outside" and usually do not survive them.  So, while it may be POSSIBLE to get roaches that way, it is fairly improbable.

Hope this helps.  Let me know how you make out and get back to me if you have more questions!


So Ken writes back, for confirmation....


So what you are telling me is that I really do not need to spray or do "anything at all?"  Is there something that I can put down jsut to make sure they don not make it to my house and yes the house is not attached we are about 25-30 feet apart.

I live in South Plainfield NJ so the tropical is not a concern.



My response was....

Hi, Ken:

Right.  You don't need to do anything at all.  Nothing. Nada. Nichts.  Maybe say a little prayer for your neighbor!

Nothing you need to spray or put down "just in case" - not here in New Jersey.  Maybe if you lived in Texas or maybe Key West.  But not in New Jersey.  Save your money and your time.  Don't worry about it!


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