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Lots 'o Lizards!

Lizards, eh?

I was just wondering....we live in the country in SC and have little chameleon lizards absolutely crawling all over our home. We dont mind these cute little guys but today I went to turn on the hose and a lizard nearly a foot long jumped out of the bushes and ran into my vent for the crawl space.

He didn't look like the cute little green chameleons. He was reddish brown.

What should we do???


And my reply....

Hello, Janet:

Hmmmmmm.  That's a new one on me!  I do know that the little ones are usually green, and as they get older they get darker.

These little fellows don't really hurt anything, but I can certainly understand why you wouldn't want your crawl space filled up with them!

I don't think there is a "chemical" answer, but you could block off your crawl space vent so they can't get in.  Best thing to use would be hardware cloth.  

It looks like this:  http://UnExCo.com/hwrcloth.jpg

You can also get it in a quarter-inch configuration, if the above is too big.  I would install it on the OUTSIDE so you can inspect it easily.  Just cut it a bit larger than the vent and wedge it in.  Do this in the daytime when (presumably) they will be out hunting!

Good luck!  Hope this helps!


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