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We will need to know the specifics of your pager, that is, the phone number of your pager, your carrier, the carrier's phone number and the details of the message you want sent. Additionally, we will also need the following information:

1) How far ahead of time you want message(s) to be sent.
2) Do you want only ONE reminder message sent, or more?  Details, please.
3) Do you need to be advised of any delays?

These messages are sent by computer, from our central office, not by our operators themselves.  Once we receive your pager/cell information, we will send a test message to insure that all your details are correct.  It will be necessary for you to inform us if that the test message has been received correctly.  You may do this by phone or email to our central office.

By Email:

By Phone: 856/428-2511

United will not "SPAM" your phone or pager, we will not share any of this information with anyone else, and will purge your information upon request or service cancellation.

If you have any questions regarding these services, please contact our main number during regular business hours.  Ask for, or leave a message for John.

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