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Our customers, indeed, anyone, can contact us through our radio system (for emergencies only) if you can't reach us at our main office.

Send your email to the special address below, and the server sends your message to me, John, to my phone. You can use a "subject" but keep your subject and message short. Send me what I need to contact you.


BY PHONE:    (Com'l & Gov't customers, use your 3-number code)
To leave your message after hours, when our machine answers, just push the "pound" (#) sign and our message stops instantly so you can leave your message.

Please speak clearly and when you're done, hang up. That's it. No complicated menu/number routines to go through. The first 30 seconds of your voice message will be transmitted through our 2-way radio system, although ID blocked numbers will not be transmitted.          (Information on unblocking your phone or obtaining a 3-number code.)

Our answering machine will take your full message, (several minutes) but will only relay the first thirty seconds (or so) of your recorded message over our radio system, so please give us your call-back information up front, within those first thirty seconds. Your message is then automatically shunted to our radio system and sent out within a few minutes.

Even if you forget to push the pound sign (#) all messages, (including duplicates) are recorded by our answering machine and signaled to our radio system, but only those that are activated by the pound sign (or your code) are played back to us over the radio.

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Our 2-way radios are linked to a computer-controlled "trunked" system, our repeater is located in Atco, New Jersey, on top of the Channel 23 television tower, with coverage to most of the South Jersey and Philadelphia areas.

Unblocking your Phone or Obtaining a Code

To unblock your phone, for just one call, before you dial the number, hit the star (*) key and the number "82" - then dial the number.  After your call, your phone reverts to it's previous state.

Contact us to obtain a 3 number code.  This routes your message to the appropriate operator(s) by Nextel, Email and over our two-way radio system.  If you are on the Nextel system, you should also obtain our operator's network ID information.

Our answering machine answers all calls (after hours) but DOES NOT detect nor record your actual phone number.  Messages that come from any phone with a "block" installed by the phone company, will not be sent out over the radio unless you use *82 or your 3 number code.  Messages are kept on record for one week, then discarded.