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Your advice is right on the money!

Your website is absolutely incredible.  I have 3 traps set, one in the front yard, one in the back, and one in the attic.

I sprinkled some sunflower seeds near the edges of the traps, then some more just inside the traps, and then I embedded 15-20 seeds in a clump of peanut butter on the bait pans. Caught 3 "hard to catch" squirrels in less than a day. All it took was a little patience.

I have a funny anecdote for you. The hardest squirrel to catch was a lightning-fast large male grey squirrel, a real beauty.  He was extremely skittish and cautious, plus very large and strong and quick.

He ignored the traps for a day until he saw some birds eating some of the seeds. Then he ran up and chased the birds off and started investigating.

This little brute escaped with a hunk of peanut butter and seeds from the trap in the back after tripping the latch. I saw the whole thing.  Amazing quickness.  He zapped out the back of the trap before the door could close.

Know what the "highly intelligent" animal did next?  Ran right up to the security of my attic, and decided to grab some more peanut butter from the trap there.  I had him secured in the trap a few minutes later.  He literally was caught within about 3 minutes from leaving the trap in the back yard.  I saw him leave the trap, heard him scamper up to the attic, heard him run across the floor, and heard the trap close.

He was one unhappy camper when I strolled toward the cage with bungy cords.

What a great feeling!

That's 6 squirrels in 6 days. My advice to people is READ EVERY WORD ON THIS WEBSITE! Then "stay calm."  I've had a chance to watch squirrels approach these traps, and they are very timid and careful, but they generally keep coming and if you keep baiting, you will catch them.  Some times they will return to the trap 3 different times before venturing in.  Each time they go a bit farther.  If they steal the bait, don't worry! It just means they will be more likely to return.

Two tips: (A) When setting up, don't forget to put the latches on the door down in the correct position!  I occasionally have set the attic trap and walked off but forgotten to position the latches on the two doors.  Kind of annoying, because the attic is a tight squeeze, (B) Use bungy cords as John shows to secure the trap.  You DO NOT want the little guy vibrating the door open!!

John, the population is thinning! My 1.2 acre yard looks deserted. My attic is quiet. I cannot believe it, but we may be ready to call the carpenter and get the huge hole repaired.

Moreover, I have 3 functional traps, and the knowledge of how to use them should this problem recur.

Many thanks,


P.S.  You are letting people off somewhat lightly! In the Brentwood, Tennessee area, people have been quoted a price of around $3000 to remove all squirrels, "squirrel-proof" the house, and guarantee for 5 years. Squirrel trapping and removal runs $65-$85 per animal.

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