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his is in early November of 2006, and our Atlantic City house is getting an update to our   previous treatment. The old concrete apron around the house was broken, cracked and
missing in some places. Since it was getting all new aprons, plus a new paver-type driveway, the owner called for termite pre-treatment around the outside, next to the foundations, where the new concrete is to be poured. Very astute, and I'm glad he called.

After determining what was what, it was actually pretty straight forward treatment. We soaked all the soil next to the foundation, with Termidor termiticide. This pre-treatment will help prevent future termite problems. (You can learn more about termite pre-treatment on our termite pre-treatment page.)

Since our inside treatment, way back in 2000, there have been no further signs of any termite problems, so this perimeter treatment is quick, easy and effective. The absolute best kind of treatment.

The first pictures show us setting up for our treatment, and finding out exactly where new concrete was to be poured. We had to stretch our hose from across the street, there was a lot of construction equipment.

Getting ready for a termite pre-treatment
Getting ready for a termite pre-treatment

The contractor wasn't really ready for us, he had piled up dirt, expecting us to treat, at which point, he would fill in. We wanted our treatment to come after the fill.

Discussing benefits of termite pre-treatment
determining the extent of termite pre-treatment

The contractor thought we were going to treat the driveway, but since it was not connected to the structure, it didn't need to be treated, it would not abut the structure.

New driveway
Termite pre-treatment of new concrete aprons


Wanna try our Termite Job Estimator?  Even though it's mostly designed for our own local service area, anyone can try it.

Website of Aventis, the sole manufacturer of Termidor.  On this page you can also input your zip code and find a Termidor Partner.

Specimen Labels  -  MSDS Info for Termidor
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