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You CAN do it Yourself!
See our information panels on what YOU can do for your mouse,  squirrel, pigeon, or rat problems. And to prevent a future problem! Want to know the real skinny on termites?  Or hints on picking the right exterminator? Or how 'bout those termite bait sticks you've seen on TV? Do you have carpenter bees buzzing around? Worse yet, hornets? Or maybe some boxelder bugs?  And don't forget to visit our information page on roaches. Got a bat in the house? Are the earwigs bad this year? Bugs in your firewood? And here's where you can learn more about bedbugs.

This is the place where you learn how to do it YOURSELF - I'll tell you how to do it for FREE! For a price quote for any of the above, go here!
For fleas or ticks
For Renewal or Termite Inspections
For roaches or other pantry pests
Got a weird Question?  Need some Help?  Ask the Exterminator.
Are You....
Building a Deck?  Great!  But to be "in the know," check this
Got water?  Do you need a French drain?  Check here for some ideas.
Finishing Your Basement?  Ok, here are a few things to know.
Having an ongoing battle with those %#@&#!  carpenter ants?
Buying/Selling a house? For all the Rules of the Game, go here.

           And What About...?
Moth balls, bay leaves and boric acid..  Do they work?  Or are you just wasting money?  Do the Pros use any of these?  Find out about it right here.
Find out about those sonic devices and bug lights - do they work?
Found some bugs in your pantry or even in your food?   Look here.
How 'bout an instant Termite Job estimate?  Try our exclusive online Termite Job Estimator

Are you BUILDING a house?  Then you really ought to visit our Termite Pre-Treatment Page.
Look what termites can do, without your knowing, inside your wall....

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