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Rates for Inspections and Reports

United will perform Termite Inspections, and Specialty Termite Control, in most of the State of New Jersey.  In our local area, inspections can usually be arranged within a few days, and inspections in other parts of New Jersey can be arranged within a two to four week period, depending on where you are, your requirements and our schedule. Appointments are arranged during the business week, Monday through Friday, during business hours.  Special Hours Appointments can be arranged.

Within our three county area, there are no mileage or hourly fees, and our flat rate, during business hours, for standard WDI Inspection Reports is $85. Accredited Inspections, in our area, are charged at the flat rate of $100.  New Jersey sales tax of 7% is due for all New Jersey Inspections. Special Hours inspections, (after hours or on week ends) are available upon special arrangement. Our one and only office is located right on the border of Haddonfield and Cherry Hill. Here is a map.

I charge a flat fee of $90 per hour, including travel time, outside of our three county area, for my inspections, during business hours and the business week, of course.  That amount includes my written report, WDO Report, and any photos, or surveys required to explain that report.  My complete report, any quotation for termite control, along with my invoice, will be sent to you by the USPO a few days after my visit.  Your Inspection and Report Fee can be subtracted from your termite work, should you use our company for the recommended control procedures, anytime within three months of our report date.

If my inspection is to be a second (or more) opinion, I ask that any available previous paperwork, by other inspectors, be sent to me prior to my visit.  I am not available for any court appearances, nor any kind of expert testimony in lawsuits.  As a working owner, my schedule is much too tight to allow for this.

Inspections are to the entire outside and inside of the house, all outbuildings, both temporary and permanent, and any garages on the property.  My inspection usually requires about an hour or so, sometimes less or more.  My primary inspections are to building substructures, but I like to inspect the entire house, look in all rooms, including the attic areas. Crawl space and attic entry depends on accessibility and other conditions. Attics must have a proper floor.  Attics with no floors and/or limited access are "look only."  Inspectors also will not be able to enter wet or cluttered crawl spaces.

After my inspection, I will be happy to go over any of your concerns about termites and termite control in general, and the same, as applied to your home, in particular.  If you already have questions, I would suggest writing them down, in the time before our meeting, so we'll be sure to go over all of them.

Unless you are in our *three county local service area, please Email me your complete address, including zip code, your home and work telephone numbers, so I can call and arrange a date convenient to both of us.  Please also indicate a time and proper number for my call.

My Email:

* (Our three county local area is described as Camden, Burlington and Gloucester Counties.)

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