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Our rate, for our Regular Monthly Service, is $40 per month.  We do have a senior citizen discount, when applicable, just ask our office when you call.  The first time we come, on our initial service call, we do have a one-time charge of $85 dollars for your first service visit.  (For our Termite Renewal customers, currently on our Termite Renewal plan, we will waive the initial $85 sign-up fee.)

Our premium Regular Monthly Service also covers bees, wasps and hornets, in the daytime, and offers you half-price if you require service for bees at night.  Our service includes outside and/or inside service, and if you require a call-back, you get that at no additional charge.  As always, there are no contracts to sign, and you can quit your service anytime.  Also, for year 'round customers, you have guaranteed price protection, meaning no year-to-year price increases.  (Our pest control service plans cover pests normally encountered in residences, however, it does not cover termites, birds or other animals described as "unusual invaders."  It also does not cover emergency services, at night, for any pest.)

Our premium Regular Service Customers can also sign up for pager or SMS (Short Messaging Service) notifications to their pagers or cell phones.  In which case, we will send a message to you, prior to your regular service date.  We can also notify you by the same means, when (or if) our operator will be delayed for any reason.  There is no
extra charge for this service to our Regular Service Customers.
(Details here.)

Outside service (only) is available, our serviceman visits your residence on the appointed day, completing treatment to the outside only.  Outside service also covers, at no extra charge, bees, wasps or hornets on the regular service day only.

On our quarterly service, we come out each quarter, (every three months) and our rate for our quarterly services is $125 per quarter.  Quarterly service is also to the inside and the outside, on our regularly scheduled visits.  Quarterly service also covers, at no extra charge, bees, wasps or hornets within standard business hours.

For those customers that only desire service on an on-call basis, our regular service charge is the same as our initial service call, $85 dollars.  If you require additional service, within three months, our price is reduced to $40 dollars.

In the spring of each year, we also offer our Summer Service Plan.  This plan allows you seven visits, on the same day each month, the same exact plan as our Regular Monthly Plan, with the exception that we only come for service April through October. Our SMS messaging services are also available to our Summer Service Customers, at no extra charge.  (Details here.)

The catch is that you pay your entire yearly service fee by the first of April.  Your yearly service fee is based on your monthly service fee, multiplied by 7, the number of times we normally come out.  If you move away, or otherwise decide you don't require our services at any point during the season, we will refund the unused portion of your payment, for any reason, no questions asked.

Our Summer Service customers get a discount of $5 dollars - for each of the seven months.  That's a healthy $35 dollars off the regular price.  You can't do much better in Macy's.

You have a full year, (April to April) to use up your seven allotted stops.  As always, our regular monthly service dates will run April through October.  You will receive notification, by US mail, in advance, of our monthly service calls.  The due date of your Yearly Service Fee is April 1st.  That's about it!  No complicated rules.  Our Hardship Plan even lets you make TWO half-payments, one in April, the other in May.  And if you stay on the Summer Service list, you don't get those annual price increases. Normally, you can join our Summer Service any year, just as long as the season hasn't started yet.  You always have until April to make your decision.

That's it.  Short and sweet.  No big words, no fancy talk, and no contracts to sign, and with any of our service plans, get off any time.