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Termite Job - UPDATE

Our treatment (with Premise 75) appears to have done the trick.  This homeowner has not had any recurrence of the termite problem.   Since we have had other termite problems at this house in past years, we scheduled an outside treatment just because of the past history.  The customer will not be charged for any of her treatments.

UPDATE:  June, 2002
Complete inspection to entire property.  No signs of renewed activity.

UPDATE:  March, 2004
No more detected problems in this treated house as of this date.

UPDATE:  May, 2004
The homeowner has called in with a swarming problem in the garage.  I will post pictures upon completion of the treatment.  We will be using Termidor© on this project, we have more confidence in this product.

UPDATE:  May, 2004 - (one week later)
OOPS!  Seems as though the homeowner's problem was from a crack in the sidewalk, a few feet from his garage.  No treatment required.

UPDATE:  June, 2005
No problems on our most recent visit, the spring of 2005.

UPDATE:  July, 2006
Again, no problems on our July visit.

UPDATE:  August, 2007
Again, no problems on this visit.

UPDATE:  May, 2008
No evidence of any problem.

UPDATE:  June, 2009
No evidence of any problem. Outside re-treated with Termidor, covered under Renewal Contract.

UPDATE:  September, 2010
No evidence of any problem.

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