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United has never done any phone or e-mail soliciting and will never sell, transfer or divulge our database of customer files.  All customer related files are kept on computers that are not connected to the Internet.

You will never see advertising banners of any sort on this site, we neither set nor collect any cookies on your computer, and your email address will never be sold, transferred or given away to anyone, for any reason, without a court order!  We do track your progress and visits through our site (anonymously, by IP) for our own statistical information only.  Absolutely no changes are made to your computer.

Many of the links on this site (especially the pictures) are written to open up in new windows. This is to enable visitors to refer to the pictures while continuing to read the text. If you're having trouble opening the pictures, then you're probably using a pop-up killing program that doesn't know how to distinguish between content windows and pop-up ads. does not, and never will, allow pop-up advertising on our site, so turning off your pop-up killer while viewing this site will solve the problem.

This entire site is in essay format, there are no silly forms, no irritating, blinking graphics or dancing baloney, no pop-up windows, no sounds, no off-world re-directs, no frames, no web bugs, no required plug-ins, just regular, plain old standard 3.2 HTML that runs on any browser. We use javascript to open windows, display email addresses and display some menu choices.  Your browser javascript should therefore be enabled.

I keep this site in flux and under constant construction.  Please stop back and if you
have any comments, please

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This site is the sole property and creation of United, is optimized for 800x600 16-bit high color, Netscape/IE and a 28.8 modem connection.  The use of any graphic is permitted so long as you use them unaltered, and acknowledge the source, somewhere on your site, as

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