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There is no ABSOLUTELY SURE way, but there are several things you can do...

First of all, DON'T set off "bombs" in your apartment (or your house) before you pack up to move.  Yes, you will kill SOME roaches, but the ones you DON'T kill will scatter.  Into places that you've never had them before.  Making everything more difficult later on, when you do get to your new place.

If you're presently in an apartment, you should have the exterminator visit BEFORE you pack up.  (The management is supposed to supply one.) Make sure you tell him the problem so he'll know what's up.  And if you're in a house, you'll be wise to use a pro, rather than trying to do it yourself.  It may not seem like hi-tech, but believe me, it definitely is....

Do not use any insecticides once the exterminator has applied his treatment.  You will probably cover up or erase whatever he did.  This is very important to remember.  His treatment will involve several different methods and chemicals, and they all work together to get the best results.  Every situation is different, and he will take that into consideration with his treatment.

After the exterminator does his thing, use virgin packing boxes and materials to pack up.  Don't use boxes from the grocery store, or any other USED boxes.  Certainly not any boxes that were in the infested area.  Pack up as you normally would, but pack small appliances separately from your other items as you may have roaches inside those.  Small items, like clocks, toasters, etc., should be packed in sealed plastic bags. Try to do that for larger items, especially those you had in the kitchen, such as microwaves and other appliances.  Anything containing electric motors is a known harborage for roaches.  Inspect all those items closely, before you pack them, checking for infestations.  In an infested area, consider them as suspect and potentially tainted. Bag them even if you saw nothing, there could be eggs inside.  Roaches can stand microwaves and escape the heat, so just because your toaster and microwave is harmful to you, the roaches are survivors.

Cabinets, dressers and other items that you know are infested, that are coming with you, should be emptied completely, put all contents in those black plastic contractor's bags for your move.  Avoid cardboard boxes, they can offer many hiding places for roaches.

The dressers and cabinets going with you should be treated with a residual insecticide (NOT RAID) before your move and after they're empty.  Pay particular attention to the inside, the corners, the tops AND bottoms of drawers and shelves, and any areas or details where roaches can hide.  A professional is best equipped for this, he'll use the residual with a growth regulator which inhibits the development of new roaches.  (There may be other methods he will use, depending on circumstances.

Roaches can't live in temperatures over 125 degrees, so you could put small appliances in black plastic bags and leave them in the sun for a day or two.  Some smaller items you could even put in the oven, turned on "warm" (just as long as it's over 125 degrees) for at least 6 hours, so that an internal temperature of 125 degrees is reached.

When you get to your new place, unpack these bags and boxes OUTSIDE and wash all the washables (clothes) in hot, soapy water to kill any hiding roaches.  Obtain a few glueboards you can use as "detectors" to see if you have brought any along.  NO BOMBS, for the same reasons.  If you are going to another apartment, ask your future landlord to have your apt treated before you arrive, and tell them IMMEDIATELY if you see any roaches (yours or theirs) in your new place!  Don't try and do it yourself, you pay for an exterminator in your rent.

If you're moving to a single-family home that's YOURS, you would be well advised (if you want to be POSITIVE) to employ a professional exterminator to treat the house beforehand.  Look for one that will supply a full, complete treatment on a one-time basis.  I would only sign any kind of contract if I KNEW there were roaches inside the house.  You'll probably be better off if you skip the biggies and get a trusted, local independent.  Get references.

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