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Squirrel Inspection and Advice

If you feel reasonably sure you want to do this yourself, but would like an expert, on-site inspection and advice about your specific situation, I will set up an appointment, during business hours, to visit your property.  I'll show you exactly how to proceed with your trapping campaign and I'll make both an inside and outside inspection, including your accessible attic.

I'll bring along traps to show you where to place them and exactly how the trap works, showing you the one-door set procedure, how to secure the doors open and closed and how to properly bait the trap.  I'll also offer a discount if you purchase your trap(s) from me, on the occasion of my visit.  I'll show you where you might place the traps on your property and how to bait them.  We'll also discuss what baits to use in general, and in your particular instance.  I'll recommend baits you can make up yourself with little more than a trip to the kitchen, or (maybe) the grocery store.  What bait you use is a "regional" thing, both for you and the squirrels.  I'll show you where to chum your squirrels to get them to the spot you need to trap them.  I'll go over different and specific chum routines, tailored to your situation, so you can be up and running right away.

I'll walk around with you and attempt to find or confirm the entry point(s), but I am only human and have no wings or high-reach trucks.  My inspection does not normally include climbing ladders or getting on roof structures - it is essentially an on-the-ground and in-the-house inspection.  I'll also go over what (and how) repairs or alterations should be made to any entry points we have discovered.

Finally, if you decide you want to do the trapping yourself, after my visit, I can arrange to pick up your trapped squirrels, if you wish, on a per animal basis.  Prices depend on the location of your property.

My fee is $125, plus NJ state tax, for my in-depth inspection, anywhere in New Jersey, and within a 20 mile radius of our Cherry Hill, New Jersey office.  It includes a written report, a few days later, detailing what we have discovered on your property and any recommendations I may have.  

You may contact me directly by email, or just call our office and ask for John.

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