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Position Filled!
But the following is what we needed....

United Exterminating Company is looking for a service technician to join our crew.  Experience, of course, is helpful, although we will also consider an applicant with no experience.

Our servicemen must be experienced in every aspect of pest control.  Service Techs at United are not specialized and are expected to handle any problem. United is licensed in every sector of pest control, and our service team works together to handle anything in our field.

Honesty and altruism come first.  Our money, your income and our income, comes as a result of the first.  United is a "service" business, so if our service is better than their service, we get the business!  Your job is to help my many long-term customers in any way you can.  Your contacts might be a homeowner, small business owner, or a secure government facility, and you might visit all three in the space of an hour.  United Servicemen are expected to offer the same help to all, as they would to their own mother.  

You must have the ability to convey your thoughts and experience, (the Gift of Gab) with everyone from that homeowner, to the President of the United States.  (We're working to get the White House account from whoever has it!)

You must NOT be afraid of any animals or insects.  You will have to be
comfortable with the crummy, dirty, wet crawl spaces we sometimes have to deal with every day.  Sometimes our work is not easy, and you have to take the good, the bad and the ugly, sometimes within that same space of an hour.

You must be able to muster a standard credit check, be a good driver with a valid license, and not be convicted of any crime.  Some of our customers are very security-conscious and they will require you to pass a check by the FBI every five years.  This is a fingerprint test, not a bodily fluids check.

Depending on your past experience, you might be able to jump right in.  If your experience is limited in any aspect, you will work directly with me and the other service techs until you are able to handle anything that comes at you.

Most of our customers are in the South Jersey area, the three counties of Camden, Burlington and Gloucester.  You should know your way around this area.

United employs no salesmen.  You will not "sell" jobs.  You will go to sleep each night knowing that no one suspects you of "ripping them off."  To each of your contacts, you will present the facts, exactly as they are, recommend your procedure according to Hoyle, and never use or advise the use of dubious, duplicate or unnecessary methods.  You will NEVER criticize the work of any other exterminator, no matter what the situation, and NEVER divulge any information from one customer to another.  You are not paid according to the amount of work you bring in the door, there are no "commissions," and your contribution becomes part of the whole.

You will work closely with me, and everyone in my organization.  Although I am the owner, I also work in the field, and do everything you might do.  Our company trucks are equipped with 2-way radios which are used to keep you in touch and informed about everything everyone is doing.  Licensed technicians working alone will also be furnished with a Nextel phone which you are expected to keep with you except (maybe) in the shower.

You will work in a non-competitive environment, mostly in the field, and, depending on experience and capability, mostly alone.  There will also be other times when you will work with me or the other servicemen on jobs that require more than one person.

You are not expected to canvas or solicit homeowners in the vicinity of an ongoing termite job, although you would be expected to supply and perform an inspection if asked.

United provides benefits to permanent employees in the form of health insurance, (including dental) paid vacations and a generous holiday schedule. Employees supplied with a company vehicle take them home, and are not charged for this commuting use.  

Your salary will be an hourly wage, consistent or better than the industry average.  Any overtime is paid at the one and one-half standard rate. Paychecks are weekly.  Our pay raise schedule, of course, depends on your experience.  All raises are by merit, and we have no set schedule as to when they are reviewed.  Our experienced servicemen make more than the industry standard and aren't "laid off" in the slow times.

Our office sets up all of your appointments, and except for emergencies, you know from day-to-day what you will be doing.  You are not required to phone for appointments nor canvas for customers.

If you are interested, please call, write or email for details.