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Office Assistant, Girl Friday

Position Filled!
But the following is what we needed....

Here at United, you will do everything except (maybe) get into a crawl space!   You will have intimate business contact with my many long-time customers of many years, and must be able to handle their problems and keep them happy. Ours is a "service" business, so if our service is better than their service, we get the business!  United prides itself on being the very best, and providing that same level of service.

You will work closely with the servicemen, scheduling the men and their jobs, taking orders for service over the phone, and dispatching our men over our two-way radio system.  You will also enter information into the computer, process termite certifications for Realtors and lawyers, and make sure that all parts come together at the right time.  A pretty tall order, when you see how busy our small office can be at certain times.

There might also be times that you may have to deliver or pick up paperwork at other offices, or perform other errands in the course of your work.  This means that you should have a pretty good knowledge of our three county service area.  Mostly, though, you will be in our office, making sure that all runs correctly and smoothly.

Experience in exterminating might be helpful, but not at all necessary.  You can learn as you go, and will learn exactly what you need to know to do the best job.  If you need it, your training could include visiting a few of our jobs so you will know what some of our procedures entail.

You would be the second girl in a one-girl office, working hand-in-hand with the owner and all of the employees, in an informal atmosphere, where we all interact as much as possible.

United provides benefits to full-time employees in the form of health insurance, (including dental) paid vacations and a generous holiday schedule.  

If you are interested, please call, write or Email for details.