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You can E-mail your questions direct to us and get a personal reply, direct to you, quickly, usually within 24 hours or so - free.  Just send your E-mail to:

Instuctions for sending us email is
on this popup.
In response to your E-mail, you should get an immediate response from my trusty auto-responder.  It will just tell you that I'm in (or OUT) of town, that we have officially received your E-mail, and that I will get back to you shortly!  So if you don't get that automatic response from me, usually within a few minutes, then make sure you are sending with the correct address.

Generally, you'll get almost instant attention (and answers) from me, on our Main Message Board or our small animal and Squirrel Message Board. For carpenter ant and other ant problems, go to our Ant Message Board. And last, but certainly not least, for your termite questions, there's our Termite Message Board. Other exterminators will prowl these boards also, so if you check back later, you can sometimes have multiple answers to your dilemma.

If you want a reply, be sure to "UNBLOCK" me.  I get a lot of returned emails from AOL users (others too) that have email SPAM blocks set up so that my replies come back,  "USER IS NOT ACCEPTING MAIL FROM THIS SENDER."

I cannot reply if you don't unblock mail from UnExCo.com, and I will only try once. The UnExCo.com or UnExCo.net domains DO NOT and NEVER HAVE sent out unsolicited email.

At various times, I post the mail I get, (and my responses) on my Mail Page, when I get the chance.


And, of course, I would even be happy to discuss your own particular situation, no charge, just give me a call at our regular number, 856/428-2511 - Our "official" office hours are 9am to 5pm EST, although sometimes earlier or later.  If you do call, ask for John.  Best time to call is before 10am and after 3pm (EST). Other times I'm often out on the road.

Due to the expense, the actual time involved, and the volume of calls I get, I can't always return a long distance call, even if you ask me to make it "collect."  You can, however, ask the office about a time when I am expected to be in, so you can then call back.

And if you do call, make sure the girls in the office know that you're not selling something - otherwise they'll tell you I'm not here even if I am.  (I don't like unsolicited phone calls from salesmen, nor will you ever get one from me.)