Mouse Trap Placement Guide
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Place trap along a wall
Place the trap perpendicular to the wall, up against the wall. like this, so the mouse will trip across the trigger.  No need for bait. Just make sure you channel the mice right towards the trigger.

Mice are territorial, visit their territory every day, so you can also place the trap where you find their droppings.

Or if they are on your kitchen counter, do it like this.  Move things around so they will explore.  Mice investigate every change in their territory, so lead him to your trap.
Or the backsplash of the counter

Place the Trap in a drawer
Did you find something in the kitchen drawers?  Take everything out except for a trap. Check all traps every day.

Don't forget inside cabinets. Especially any cabinets with pipes in it.  Mice use the pipe runs for transportation to the other areas of your house.
Place the Trap in a cabinet

The trap pictured below is manufactured by the Victor Mouse Trap Company, and has the expanded trigger that makes it so much more effective.  Notice there are two different settings, soft and firm.  Frankly, I always use the firm setting - it cuts down on false trips.

Snap Trap Setting Guide

(If you can't find them locally, you can purchase these traps from us at our OnLine General Store.)

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