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Rent Me! - Only $500 per hour!
Big Black Sambo
I guess you could say I'm the company mascot.  I'm an all-black common shorthair.  At least that's what the book says.  I don't like the "common" part.  After all, you don't see too many ALL-black cats.  Especially one as big and handsome as I am.

My favorite pastimes are sleeping, hunting and fishing. More or less in that order.  I like eating too, but that's part of the hunting.  Yeah, I also eat cat food sometimes, but I'm kind of finicky.  I really like my friend George's food better.  I'm pretty good at stealing his stuff if I really want to.  George stays outside ALL the time.  He's too afraid of people, but he's as good at hunting as I am. We go hunting together too.

I arrived as a tiny little guy, just a stray, but proud of it.  I picked this place because all the trucks were black (I like black) and there's lots of neat places to go where nobody bothers me.  I can even get across our busy Kresson Road by using the storm sewer that takes me right into the woods without crossing traffic and scaring all you people!  I like it here, that's why I charge so much for my rental.

Sam hates Mondays.....
If it isn't raining or snowing,
or something, I like the outside.

Otherwise, I hide out inside and sleep all day.  Tough life, eh? Somebody's gotta do it.

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