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Exterminator's Profiles

Bob is our COO of the termite trenches.  He's on virtually every one of our termite jobs, doing what it takes to get down and dirty and to get the job done.  Not only that, but Bob can do just about everything else out there too.

Lou and his long experience in regular pest control AND termite control means that you have someone that will be able to handle the problem on the spot. Lou and Phil have worked together for almost 30 years.

Phil is our local Termite Inspection and Certification expert.  He's the one we trust the most to find the problem to begin with.  Ol' "Eagle-Eye" has almost 30 years of experience, Phil does everything but fly.

John does a little of everything, which includes washing bottles in the office, and outside, special termite work, "emergency" situations, unexpected incidents, or dirty, dangerous work that no one else is stupid enough to do.

Tim doesn't get seen by too many of you, but Mystery Man Tim does do our rodent proofing, pigeons and other wildlife invaders mostly, but best of all, he can FIX things. Definitely worth his weight in gold, just don't tell him that.