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Pete the Peacock
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Pete the Lonely Peacock
This young peacock showed up in our parking lot in the first few days of September 1999.  We have no idea of where he came from, no one around has claimed him, the local animal control girl wants no part of him - she wants ME to catch him, then, she says, she'll pick him up (thanks, hon, but no thanks) and by the way, did you ever try to capture a peacock?  Well, it ain't easy - these birds can fly straight up!  They can also run - a lot faster than I can!  And our two local resident cats, Sam and George will have absolutely nothing to do with him.

As a matter of fact, George (the cat) and Pete (the peacock) will wait patiently together for the evening meal.  And if Pete thinks George is getting too much food, George gets chased right off.

So, for the time being, it looks like Pete is going to stay - until we figure out how we can catch him without hurting him.  We have a "Peacock Lady" that has offered a nice home, with other peacocks, so Pete won't be lonely.  If anyone has any other ideas, we'd sure like to hear them.....
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