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A Pre-Treat Gone Bad
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Our Renewal Customer forgot to call us.... Luckily, in our travels, we saw the construction equipment in her driveway and stopped to investigate.  Sure enough, the guys were just finishing up the block work, ready for framing.  Perfect time for treatment - except, (if you'll notice) they have already poured the crawl space "rat" slab.    Nuts!

Thing is, that slab makes it no easy hop, skip and jump.  That's a concrete slab in there.  So that means we had to get the drill out to do this job.  
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New Addition - Termite Pre-Treatment

Close-ups of the inside of the new room, these two pictures show the holes drilled into the slab portion.  The masonry entrance to the basement will be left in place, the actual doors will be removed.  The proper treatment to this new addition required us to drill holes through the slab, next to the structure.  The termiticide used, Premise 75, [ label ]  [ MSDS ] is a non-repellant, a product made by Bayer, the aspirin people.

Treatment Details
Treatment Details

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