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The Termite Job in Manalapan, New Jersey
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This house, in Manalapan, New Jersey, had an ongoing problem with termites for a few years.  The termites entered the house through the front and back dirt-filled stoops, damaging the sill plates and box headers.

Front of House
Front of House

This was a relatively simple job, we started by drilling the front and back stoops, this is where the termites entered, damaging the plates and joists behind the back stoop, mostly.

Front stoop
Rear stoop

After drilling the stoops, we drilled the cinder block walls from the outside, catching each block, all around the structure.  The reason for this is because termites can enter the structure, and using the inside of the hollow blocks, they can then go right up and through the termite shields, entering the wooden sill plate, and eventually the joists.  Termites can squeeze through a crack no more than a 64th of an inch, using settlement cracks or flaws in the block or mortar to do this.  Washing the insides of the hollow blocks prevents this.

Treatment entailed using our trusty treatment rod and slab injector.  The rod has a four port, side-facing, pointed tip, while the slab injector has a has a conical rubber tip that seals the drilled hole as our termiticide is forced in under pressure.

This job was done entirely from the outside, and we used Termidor, my favorite termiticide.

Move those plants!
Going... Going...
Drill the window ledge
A straight run...
Ahhhh...  Last hole!
Done in 96 degree heat...

Hollow block treatment
close up
Treat each hole...
ready for patching
patching holes
Close up

Image of planter.gif

We supplied our standard one year guarantee, and will offer the owner a renewal of his guarantee, at the end of his guarantee.  The terms and conditions of our renewal plan are described in our Renewal Brochure.


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