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Making Rodent Bait Placements Yourself
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Making your own bait placements is easy. All you need are some small squares of aluminum foil, and some loose bait.

Place a small amount of the bait in the center of the foil.....
Place the bait in the aluminum foil....


Now roll it up into a nice little ball....
Now scrunch it up into a little ball, be careful not to tear the foil.  You don't want bait leaking out or water leaking in.  Form a little tail so your bait ball doesn't block his vision, making it easy to carry away, if he wants to.

If you're going to use the bait balls outside, and it will need to stand up to the weather, you can dip them in wax to keep them dry and palatable for a much longer time period.

Practice makes perfect!
Leave a "tail" on it so he can carry it.

Years ago, before the EPA got mixed up in all this, we used to make our own bait balls.  On some nice snowy day, (remember snow?) all the guys would sit down at a table, smoke cigars, laugh at the soap operas, (Jerry Springer wasn't around back then) tell dirty jokes, cuss and roll bait balls.  More or less, in that order.

First of all, baits are cheaper, of course, when you buy it in bulk.  (Cheap is good.) The bait balls are easy to make, we could always make a few, even on the spot, when we needed them.   They were handy to toss into corners or roll down burrows, and easy for the rodents to carry away. The bait would stay fresher longer, enclosed in the aluminum foil, and rodents are used to finding good things in foil.

The problem is, that kids are used to finding good things in foil also.  So the EPA (and most state and local laws) say that exterminators can't do that anymore.  (They won't even let us cuss.)  Everything now has to have a proper label or be in tamperproof boxes.  Also, most rodent baits are now required to have a "bittering" agent built in, which makes baits bitter to human taste buds.

But you can do it and use it on your own.  And this is how you do it.  If I had to bait MY OWN house, this is how I'd do it.

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