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What's going on around here?

Pics from the guys on the job:  The job at the Old Folk's Home, the one in Manalapan, New Jersey, or check out the one we did at The Atlantic City House.
Wanna try our Termite Job Estimator?  Even though it's mostly designed for our own local service area, anyone can try it.
TERMITES!  This is what can happen when you open up a wall.
MORE TERMITES!  Nice, fat termite tube on a wall, with a close-up.
Hey!  Look at this!  A praying mantis stealing food from a spider web!
Not for the squeamish:  We handle a bald faced hornet nest close to a front walkway.
Now check out our company peacock!
Check out the dead, mummified rat we found in the wall of a house under renovation.
Our Humble Abode (our office) and a look up and down our Kresson Road.
United gets a new street!  We'd like to think they did the job just for us, but in August of 2001, Camden County repaved our street.  Thanks, guys!  A picture tour.
United's New Window to the World.  We didn't WANT to do this, but in the interests of safety, we had to....  Check it out right here.
This is one of our Renewal Customers that forgot to call us when he constructed an addition onto his house.  This is what we had to do to fix it.
This is an improperly installed Florida Room.

Examples of various kinds of wood damage

Powder post beetle damage, pictures of an adult beetle and the larvae too.
Wood damaged by both termites and carpenter ants
A sill plate damaged by water.
Yet another sill plate ravaged by termites, this time.
Termite swarmers, notice how they shed their wings and die quickly. This is what they will look like, dead, on your kitchen floor.
Can termites read books?  No, but they sure can eat them!  You can tell their taste in authors, they especially enjoyed Pearl S. Buck....

Here's a knee wall opened up to show a termite problem.

This is at a customer's house, on our Termite Renewal Plan for the last couple of years.  This was a problem area that just wouldn't go away.  Upon opening the wall, the termites were obviously very active, but they have since retreated after being uncovered for the last 24 hours or so.  This is a common occurrence.
Knee wall opened up....

Serious Water and Termite Damage

The following series of pictures is from a house built in 1983, and was supposedly pre-treated for termites during construction, but nevertheless sustained substantial damage from both water and termites.  The water table, tested when the house was built, was 32 inches below ground level.

The house has a full crawl space, (wet) and with inadequate ventilation partly because of blocked vents, this was the perfect environment for termites and wood rot.

The exterminator, a local company here in the South Jersey area, made good on all termite repairs to the structure, and re-treated the property.

rear of house

Now, inside the crawl space....

main beam
Main Beam
In the crawl space of the house above, the main beam has been destroyed by both termites and dry rot (water damage) and will have to be replaced.
                     (Close up picture below)

In this close-up picture, notice the "hanging tubes" where the termites have begun building shelter tubes back towards the ground from the main beam.  The original termite pre-treatment has not affected this infestation, and more treatment will be necessary.
beam close-up
beam close-up

Other end of Main Beam
Here, the other end of the same beam has also been attacked by termites, and will need replacement too. Notice the mud shelter tubes snaking up the wall under the main beam.  The termites have been active here for quite some time.


This is a close up view of a sill plate and floor joist that has been damaged by powder post beetles.  Notice how the sill plate has been weakened and appears "crushed" under the joist.  The only similarity between termites and powder post beetles is that they both feed on wood.  Wood that has been eaten by powder post beetles will have a fine "talcum like" powder in and on the wood. This powder is the excrement of the digested wood left behind by the beetles. The beetles that do this type of damage are very rarely seen on the wood surface.
powder post beetle damage

Powder post beetles, (Lyctus brunneus), are about 1/8" long, cylindrical shaped and dark brown in color. Their larvae do most of the damage to wood.  The larvae are white, are also cylindrical shaped.

powder post beetle larvae
powder post beetle larvae
powder post beetle larvae


From another house, one of ours, on Renewal, and under renovation, these next two pictures show a basement sill plate with mucho water damage. There were no termites and no carpenter ants. This sill plate was directly under a leaking bathroom, (leaked for years) and escaped notice for years. The front view is what you see from the basement. The rear (damaged) view is from the back which was only evident when alterations were made. The lack of a $10.00 gasket caused this.

sill plate - front view
sill plate - rear view

                   Front View                                                                           Rear View


This next example is a joist removed during alterations.  The termites are long gone, leaving a joist with less than one-third the original weight.

end of joist
End of Joist
top of joist
Top of Joist
close up
Close Up

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