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The ecological excuse about "being so close to the ocean" is a really flimsy excuse, when you think about it.  As far as the use of chemicals is concerned, the amount of termiticide used in a full termite job would mean almost nothing in the grand scheme of things.  But, over time, it all adds up.

Atlantic City House
Atlantic City House

A "full" job on this house really wouldn't be a whole lot.  Less than six feet of concrete butts up to the house, and the house is mostly all solid masonry.  Maybe drill the stoop in front, okay, but the stoop looked quite substantial, I think it might be solid.    The house has a full basement, even under the front porch.  So the stoop, and maybe a rod job around the outside should just about do it.  The garage itself is 98 percent masonry, the only wooden items are the doors, doorframes and rafters.  No signs, ever, of termites in any observable areas of the garage.

So do I think there's any sense in giving this joint a rod job?  Cut me a break.  It's a waste of time and chemical.  No termites in a hundred years, except in ONE STINKIN' PLACE?  Somebody's gotta think up an awful good reason for me to do any more treatment than I already did.  And, according to my Termidor Factory Man, I probably didn't even have to use the .125 strength.  (Not that I didn't trust the stuff, but I'm the one that faces the customer.)

Most of the time we do "full" termite jobs.  But there are many instances where we will do spot treatments also.  We price termite work based on "risk," so a spot treatment isn't necessarily a spot treatment, and that treatment may be priced accordingly.  In fact, all post-construction treatments are essentially "spot treatments," no matter how they're performed or who performs them.

I guess the only thing I haven't revealed, is the price we charged for the job.  Well, I'm not going to post that on the Web, but I will say that it was only a spot treatment that only took us less than two hours, not including travel time.  Which neither of us minded at all, especially since we got to hit the world's best hoagy shop.

In November, 2006, the outside concrete areas were replaced and those areas treated.

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